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Study shows infotainment systems lead to distracted drivers

Technology is meant to make life easier and increase the safety of people as they go about their daily activities. In a city as bustling as New York with the number of vehicles on the road and people everywhere, this is a beneficial endeavor. When carmakers place "infotainment" systems into their newer vehicles, it is to try and prevent distracted drivers from using their smartphones and to improve navigation. However, a new study from AAA indicates that these systems are causing drivers to look down and away from the road just as smartphones are perceived to do.

According to AAA, people who are utilizing the touch screen on the infotainment system or are simply using their voice to activate it can be distracted by 40 seconds or more. Researchers had drivers use these systems for a variety of conventional tasks such as sending a text message, changing the radio station and more. They drove 30 different kinds of vehicles from the 2017 model year. Not every vehicle gave drivers the option of navigating while driving, but 12 did. Drivers averaged 40 seconds navigating. This was the longest amount of time it took to complete the tasks.

Pedestrian accident injures 3 in Midtown Manhattan, New York

New York is a bustling pedestrian city. There are so many people driving and walking that accidents can occur in a multitude of ways. When there is a pedestrian accident, those who are hit can face substantial injuries and even death. Their vulnerability can cause long-lasting damage. For those who have been hurt in pedestrian accidents after hit by a car, having legal advice is imperative in the aftermath.

Three people who were crossing the street near Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan were hit by a van. The accident occurred during rush hour at around 5:30 p.m. According to the investigation, the van stopped at a red light. People were crossing the street as normal, but the van started rolling. It hit two females and a male and continued before stopping at the other end of the block. The people were taken to the hospital. The 68-year-old driver of the van said that the gas pedal became stuck on the floor mat and this caused him to go through the light. He was detained and later released. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor.

Seeking justice after a pedestrian accident, one step at a time

Whether you were born and raised in New York or have come to Staten Island to live as an adult, you're likely well aware of how busy and crowded roadways and sidewalks can be on any given day. You may be among those residents who try to choose walking as a preferred means of transportation as often as possible. After all, studies show walking at a brisk pace is an easy way to increase your heart rate and fit aerobic exercise into your daily routine.

If you travel Staten Island on foot, you'll want to first gain clear understanding of traffic laws (because, yes, they apply to pedestrians as well as motorists). You may also want to research safety tips to increase your chances of safely reaching your destination.

Holding property owners responsible after slip and fall accidents

With the end of summer and autumn just beginning, it will not be long before New Yorkers are getting out their snow shovels and winter gear to deal with cold weather. And, with cold weather comes the risk of slipping and falling due to ice. Though, at first glance, a person slipping and falling might not be viewed as significantly dangerous, but it can lead to broken bones, cuts, head injuries and spinal cord injuries. It can even result in death. However, it is a property owner's responsibility to keep the area safe for those walking on it.

The winter is not the only time these incidents can occur as issues other than ice, such as wet floors and uneven sidewalks, can cause them as well. When they happen and there are injuries, it is imperative to seek legal help. People who own a property are required to ensure that it is completely safe and free of obstacles and dangerous conditions.

New study shows danger of a distracted driver in school zones

Distracted driving places people at risk and can cause severe injuries and fatalities. New Yorker should know that these behaviors are dangerous and cause car accidents. Some of the most vulnerable people are those in school.

A recent study showed that two of the five most dangerous counties in the nation for distracted driving near schools are in New York. Caution is obviously the best option for people in school zones, but when there is an accident, this information can be essential to filing a legal case for compensation.

Study shows drivers think texting and driving isn't distracting

Drivers in New York and across the nation are acutely aware of the risks that distracted drivers pose. Not a day can goes by when drivers are out on the road, and they see someone who is doing something other than keeping their hands on the wheel and watching what is in front of them. Texting and driving can cause auto accidents with severe injuries and death. Even with the advertising blitz and studies that say how risky this behavior is, there are still people who believe that they can multitask and use devices while behind the wheel. A study from Progressive Insurance shows this.

In the study, approximately one-third of drivers believe they can text and drive and do so safely. This is simultaneous to the belief that distracted drivers cause most accidents and that 90 percent say it should not be legal. Age groups responded differently to questions regarding distracted driving. For people between 18 and 34, more than 60 percent said they believed they could text and drive safely. People 55 and older were far less certain with 6 percent saying the same.

Walking safely in areas where pedestrianism is a way of life

For those who live in certain areas of New York, walking may be a part of everyday life. With heavily congested traffic ever present, you may even prefer to walk from place to place. However, while pedestrianism may have numerous benefits, it could also have certain disadvantages, one of which is a lack of available protection.

Pedestrian-related accidents can take place under numerous circumstances, but the result is often the same. These collisions may cause a great deal of harm to the health of an individual, potentially prompting you to have concerns about your safety.

SUV crash into laundromat shows risks of older drivers

Auto accidents can happen anywhere in Staten Island and can happen without warning. However, there are certain accidents that are more shocking than others, and it is always possible to be in motor vehicle accidents, like crashing into a building. This can cause serious injuries and death, and it is compounded by the reality that those inside were not expecting it, nor were they able to brace themselves in any way. When there are auto accidents of this kind, it is imperative to remember how a legal filing can be beneficial.

For example, recently, a SUV backed into a laundromat, injuring six people. The accident occurred at around 8 a.m. as a 74-year-old male driver ran through the plate glass window of the facility. There were eight people inside at the time. Three suffered serious injuries, but they are not believed to be life threatening. Three others suffered minor injuries.

Research indicates increase in bicycle-auto accidents

There are a growing number of people in Staten Island who are using their bicycles to get around, rather than a motor vehicle. While this a good way to save money, stay in shape and benefit the environment, it can also be dangerous.

Research, sponsored by State Farm and a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), shows that the latest statistics from 2015 indicate that bicycle fatalities across the nation rose by 12.2 percent. The total for that year was 818, a rise of 92 from 2014. This is the most bicycle deaths in 22 years.

Study shows auto accidents remain problematic

Auto accidents are a consistent problem in Staten Island and throughout New York City. However, it is not just New York, which have issues with crashes. They happen across the nation.

Researchers are conducting studies and analyzing information to gauge the cause of these auto accidents and come up with strategies to stop them. The National Safety Council (NSC) found that there has been a reduction of 1 percent in the number of fatalities on the road for the first half of 2017 from 2016, but there were still more than 18,000 fatalities.

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