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Safety measures have made some NY streets safer

Safety measures, such as 3-foot steel cylindrical bollards, prevented additional fatalities and injuries when a motorist plowed his car into pedestrians in Times Square last month and killed an 18-year-old woman and injured 20 other pedestrians. This tragedy has sparked a review of safety measures imposed in 2012 to prevent future injuries from terrorists or even negligent parties.

City may be liable for Brooklyn Bridge cyclist-pedestrian crash

When a cyclist is involved in a crash in New York City, the cyclist may not be the only one legally responsible for any injuries that result. A local government may also be responsible by not taking adequate precautions to protect cyclists and pedestrians who share the same lane. A judge recently decided that the City may be held liable for these accidents on the Brooklyn Bridge because it knew or should have been aware of the dangers on the bridge that led to a July 2010 collision between a pedestrian and a cyclist.

Pedestrian deaths set record in 2016

Projections indicate that there was an 11 percent increase in fatalities attributed to pedestrian accidents in this country in 2016 from one year earlier. This was the greatest increase in the actual number of deaths, according to a report made by the Governors Highway Safety Association that was issued in late March.

Pedestrian hit by bus in New York City in serious condition

Whether you are a car driver, motorcycle rider, or even a pedestrian, stressing that one should always proceed with caution while on the roads cannot be understated. Yet despite any precautions you may take, accidents are often unpredictable, and an accident can happen to any person at any time.

Civil trial process for pedestrian accident lawsuits

The last thing a New York City pedestrian expects is to be rundown by a speeding vehicle. However, it happens fairly often, forcing the injured pedestrian to file suit against the driver responsible for the accident. Once a pedestrian has decided to file a claim in court, it is important to be aware of the civil trial process, as it differs significantly from the criminal trial process. For instance, a civil trial resulting from a pedestrian accident requires the judge or jury to determine whether the defendant should be held responsible for the plaintiff's injuries based on a preponderance of the evidence. This standard is easier to meet than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard that must be met in criminal court.

New York man involved in drunk driving accident

As we celebrated the beginning of a new year, drunk driving accidents were occurring all across the country. Two teenagers are in critical condition after suffering severe injuries in a New York drunk driving accident. The pedestrian accident occurred shortly after midnight on New Year's Day. A man was allegedly driving when he crashed into another car and a pole before hitting the two teens. The man is now facing vehicular assault, DWI and other charges and is currently in jail on bail.

Possible new bill may help protect bicyclists and pedestrians

Pedestrians and bicyclists are among the most likely groups of people to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Pedestrian accident victims suffer traumatic injuries, some of which are fatal. Fortunately, some of the dangers facing pedestrians and bicycle riders are finally being addressed by New York officials. A new bill put forth by the Department of Transportation gives both pedestrians and cyclists a better chance at making it to their destinations safely.

Off-duty officer crashes into pedestrians in New York City

Each year, thousands of pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle accidents all across the country. Drunk drivers are responsible for a number of these accidents. A recent Brooklyn pedestrian knockdown involving an off-duty NYPD officer left one pedestrian dead and three injured.

New York state officials focus on reducing pedestrian deaths

In New York, pedestrian accidents have become a major issue. Innocent people get killed or suffer serious injuries while walking to their local grocery store or taking their dogs for a walk. New York Department of Transportation Commissioner Matthew Driscoll stated that more than 300 pedestrians are killed yearly and about 15,000 are injured in the state of New York. State officials are so concerned about this problem that they have vowed to spend $110 million over the next five years to improve upon pedestrian safety.

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