Holding Drivers Accountable For Negligent Behavior

The infrastructure of New York City and the five boroughs has evolved in a patchwork manner over decades. It hasn't always been with pedestrians safety in mind. Making streets safer has been a priority for the mayor, but even as traffic accident deaths have dipped, fatal pedestrian accidents are increasing.

After a pedestrian accident and injury, medical bills may soar. It may be impossible to work during recovery. It may be difficult to see a path to move forward. How do you hold a negligent driver accountable? I am Michael J. Gaffney, Attorney at Law, a personal injury attorney in Staten Island, and I have been helping clients in similar situation for more than 30 years.

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Uncovering The Cause Of A Knockdown

Similar to all types of auto accidents, a thorough and often independent investigation is crucial. I review police reports, gather statements from witnesses and research possible sidewalk design issues or vehicle defects, to piece together the facts. A texting driver or a manufacturer that put a defective vehicle on the market might have been responsible.

Then, I provide practical legal advice and a candid assessment of the probability of success. Each case is unique. When settlement is in a client's best interest, I handle all phases of negotiations. When a favorable agreement cannot be reached, I am not afraid to go to court.

Tenacious Representation

I represent injured clients in both New York and in New Jersey state and federal courts, as well as through arbitration and appeals. I will fight until the end to ensure that a client has needed resources to move forward.

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