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Certain auto makes correlated with dangerous driver behavior

A recent study based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that people who drive Infiniti-brand vehicles have the most accidents due to alcohol or speeding in the U.S. The researchers assessed the vehicles based on how drivers behaved when driving them. They used 250 or more fatal crashes from 2017. The cars were also split based on being luxury, non-luxury, domestic and foreign.

Around one-third of the fatal crashes in which an Infiniti was involved had speed as a factor. This was the most of any type of vehicle and was nearly 8% higher than the national average of slightly more than 25%. The vehicle type that had the fewest speeding-related accidents was Kia, at 22%. Those who drove luxury or foreign vehicles were found to have a higher propensity for speeding crashes that led to a fatality. Regarding alcohol, Infiniti was again at the top at 25.1%. The national average was 18.1%. This slightly surpassed Pontiac at 23.6%. In this category, economy and domestic vehicles had more alcohol crashes than their luxury or foreign counterparts.

Rise in city employee auto collisions a worrisome issue

Auto accidents are a major concern in New York City. The city is such a large municipality and it is so busy that some auto accidents are seemingly unavoidable. However, many of these collisions involve people who are employed by the city and are in a vehicle that is provided to them by the government. This is causing concern as there has been an increase in these specific types of wrecks. People who were involved in a crash with a city vehicle must think about the aftermath and know what steps they can take to recover compensation.

The Mayor's Management Report says that there has been a rise in accidents involving city drivers in which that driver was deemed at fault. This is for the fiscal year 2019. While there was a reduction in the fleet of such vehicles to 30,755, there was a .3% increase in preventable accidents to 3,357. Simultaneously, the number of injuries increased to 827 from 763. That is an 8% increase. There were four fatalities compared with two in the previous statistics.

New York among the worst for fatal pedestrian accidents

In New York or any large city, crossing the street as a pedestrian has its risks. With the number of drivers who are speeding, reckless, distracted, under the influence and are otherwise behaving in a dangerous way, pedestrian accidents can happen without warning. These crashes can cause serious injuries and fatalities. A pedestrian's vulnerabilities are inherent when they are hit by a car. Understanding statistics for these crashes is important. So too is considering a legal filing for compensation after such a collision.

A recent study indicates that New York is the home for many of the riskiest intersections across the U.S. In the study from Autoinsurance.org, New York falls into the 10 worst cities for intersection deaths. Of the 15 deadliest, New York is named five times. For 2011 to 2013, the two most common locations for fatal pedestrian accidents at an intersection were in Long Island City and Brooklyn. They alternated for having the most fatalities.

Motorcycle accidents: What you need to know

Motorcycle enthusiasts often talk about how good it feels to ride their bikes. They talk about freedom, feeling the elements around them and the love of the open road. As the year draws to a close, fewer of them will be on the roadways, which makes now a good time to consider other aspects of motorcycle riding.

Most motorbike riders know that they face risks that other motorists do not. They generally take precautions by following driving laws and wearing protective gear, like helmets. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents still happen here in New York and around the country. If you enjoy riding your motorcycle, you need to know exactly what you are facing and what to do if the unthinkable happens and you are in an accident.

Crashes and more make New York one of worst driving U.S. cities

New Yorkers who have driven throughout the city will understand the problems that arise from such a bustling and crowded municipality. However, until they hear about the statistical facts regarding driving in New York, they might not realize how difficult it truly is. With the number of vehicles on the road, bicyclists, pedestrians, auto accidents and other factors, recent research found that New York is one of the worst cities in which to drive. This should be considered when there is a crash and people are considering a legal filing to be compensated for all they have lost.

The study was conducted by WalletHub. In the study, New York came in 92nd out of 100 in the survey for the best and worst cities in which to drive. There were 30 factors that were considered in the 100 cities with the highest populations. Included were the rate of auto accidents, how frequently vehicles were stolen, the cost of gas, congestion and how easy it is to maintain a vehicle.

Fatal elevator accident spurs family to sue property owners

In New York, large buildings will usually have elevators. This is for convenience and to allow those who are older, disabled or are unable to walk up many stairs to get to the upper floors. While this is a benefit, there are dangers with using an elevator and most people do not think about them. The company that installs and maintains elevators and the building owners are responsible for making sure elevators are safe. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and people can be injured and even lose their lives.

According to recent reports, a man was killed when he was crushed by a malfunctioning elevator. His family is moving forward with a lawsuit. The man, 30, was exiting the elevator in an apartment building when he got trapped between the wall and the elevator car. The building must now have a member of its staff stationed at the working elevator. There had been a call to authorities in May asking that the building's elevators be subject to an inspection. The Department of Buildings found that there was a safety component missing and it was shut down. The building was fined. It was subsequently cleared to be used.

Fatal auto accidents at red lights a growing concern

Auto accidents can happen whenever Staten Island residents are on the road. The circumstances of these crashes will inevitably vary, as will the aftermath. There are, however, certain factors that are common with many crashes. Distracted drivers are a problem that has been increasing in recent years. It is now one of the biggest causes of collisions with injuries and fatalities. Researchers are assessing the available data to gauge how to improve safety. One recent study from AAA shows a worrisome increase in fatal accidents at red lights. This information could be critical to a legal filing for compensation.

The statistic for red light fatalities is at its highest rate in a decade and distracted driving is believed to be the reason. Since 2012, the total has increased by 28%. A spokesman for AAA says that distraction is combining with recklessness and a lack of patience. The increase of red light cameras was found to be a positive influence on safer driving. Since drivers will be cited by mail if they run a red light, they are reluctant to run the risk. There was a reduction in fatal accidents due to a red light camera by 14%. The number of drivers who ran a red light overall was reduced by 21%.

Worker hit by a car suffers serious injuries in Staten Island

Road workers are prevalent in Staten Island and across New York City. When these workers are doing their jobs, it is important for drivers to watch where they are going and keep safety in mind. Unfortunately, some drivers might not adhere to the proper safety requirements and accidents will happen. If a worker or any pedestrian is hit by a car, there can be broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other problems that require medical care. A legal filing might be necessary to recover sufficient compensation to pay for all that was lost.

According to a recent report, a man was hit by a car and had injuries to his neck and body. He wore a yellow safety vest indicating that he was a worker. He was seen moving his head and his fingers and was breathing. An ambulance arrived and there was limited information on the man's condition. There were two vehicles that had damage to them. One had damage to its front and the other to its driver side. People who were nearby said they heard the screeching of brakes before the accident. The investigation into the crash is continuing.

Injury and death from bicycle accidents a growing concern

For many New York residents, bicycles are a preferred method of getting around. Others use their bicycles to earn or supplement their income. However, there is no doubt as to the danger bicyclists face on the busy streets of New York City. Despite attempts on the part of legislators and the mayor to improve bicycle safety, 2019 has had a rise in bicycle-auto accidents that is sparking concerns and calls for action. When there is a bicycle accident, people who have been hurt or lost a loved one may need to consider their options for filing a claim for compensation.

Those who ride bicycles regularly in New York will understand how dangerous the streets can be. Since June, there were eight fatal bicycle accidents. Overall, there have been 19 in 2019. The problem is not limited to New York. Across the nation, there has been an increase in bicycle fatalities. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 840 bicycle deaths in 2016. That is the most in a quarter-century. There have been increases and decreases in New York and it is difficult to know why that is the case.

What not to do after an injury-causing car accident

Another driver has just struck your motor vehicle, and suddenly, you feel as though you are living in a nightmare. You feel pain in your body, and on top of that, you are distraught over the damage that the other driver has caused you. You are also wondering what to do.

It is normal to feel a broad range of emotions following a car wreck that was not your fault. However, making irrational, emotion-fueled decisions after the accident may end up causing you further harm. Here are a few things to avoid doing following an injury-causing car crash in New York.

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