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Study shows collegians downplay danger of being drowsy drivers

There are numerous known dangers on the road in Staten Island and people must be cognizant of them to remain safe and avoid being in collisions. Since auto accidents can cause so many different problems and life changes, it is imperative to know what steps to take after they have happened. One important factor is gathering how and why the accident happened in the first place. If it was due to drowsy drivers, this can be a key issue in a possible legal filing.

Because younger drivers are known to be prone to driving while distracted, making reckless maneuvers, exhibiting negligence and driving under the influence, it is wise to watch out for them. Another problem that is gaining attention and was recently studied is drowsy drivers. One study examined how college students view drowsy driving and found that they view it as unavoidable and not a major risk. They also do not see it as a legal violation. This while drowsy drivers are known to be as dangerous as driving under the influence.

Taxi and police car involved in crash

First responders in New York City put their lives on the line every day by placing themselves in dangerous situations for the benefit of others. This is part of their job. While they might understand that they are at risk due to the sheer nature of their duties, they might not realize that they can find themselves in danger even in what might initially appear to be a mundane and rudimentary situation. Even law enforcement officers are not immune to being in car accidents. When they are, accident investigations are just as important for them as they are for civilians as they too have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Two New York City police officers were injured as they sat in their squad car on the Henry Hudson Parkway and were dealing with a separate motor vehicle accident. The accident occurred at around 6 a.m. when a taxi crashed into their vehicle. It was a marked patrol car. The two officers were injured. The subsequent investigation found that the cab driver, a 27-year-old man, was possibly under the influence. He refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. Marijuana was found in his possession. He was placed under arrest for DWI and for possession of marijuana.

Injured in a crash with a cellphone distracted driver?

It does not matter how many distracted driving campaigns the state of New York runs, you always see drivers using their cellphones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving collisions are frequently reported and numerous people injured every year. If you have suffered injuries in a crash with a distracted driver, you may seek compensation for your losses through legal means.

What is it that removes people's attention from driving? Well, some people deal with mental distractions from things going on in their lives. Others try to multi-task while driving, taking their eyes off the road and sometimes their hands off the steering wheel. Some people feel the overwhelming need to look at their electronic devices while driving. How bad is it really, and what is the state trying to do about it?

Experienced legal help is essential after pedestrian accidents

New Yorkers will often shun driving and taking public transportation to walk. In some instances, they will exercise by jogging on the city streets. While these are beneficial methods of transportation and exercise, there is also a certain amount of danger in the city. Since there are so many vehicles on the road and many are in a rush, it is inevitable that pedestrian accidents will happen. Since pedestrians are so vulnerable, there can be major injuries and fatalities after these incidents. Having legal assistance is often the only strategy to recover sufficient compensation after a pedestrian accident.

In today's world, the dangers on the road are exacerbated by the number of distractions available to drivers. If, for example, a driver is looking at his or her smartphone for whatever reason, it can be easy to ignore a crosswalk, miss a stop sign, go through a red light, or fail to yield to a pedestrian when turning. This can result in a pedestrian being hit by a car. Other factors that can lead to pedestrian accidents are recklessness, driving under the influence, and simply not paying attention to the road without a distraction as an excuse.

What are the rules for property owners after a snowfall?

The winter often brings snow to New York City and this can place people in danger of being involved in a slip and fall accident and suffering significant injuries. It is a general question as to who is responsible and what the property owners were supposed to do to clear the snow and when they were supposed to do it. Snow and icy sidewalks can place people in danger and if there was a slip and fall incident, it is important to understand that a legal filing is possible to be compensated.

In New York City, ice and snow must be cleared from the sidewalk by the owner, someone who leases the property, a tenant, an occupant or any other person who is in charge of the building or lot. Areas adjacent to the property like the sides and back - in addition to the front - must also be cleared. A common area of confusion for property owners is when the property must be cleared under the law. There is not a basic, all-encompassing answer. If the snow stops between 7 a.m. and 4:49 p.m., the area must be cleared within four hours. If it stops between 5 p.m. and 8:59 p.m., it must be cleared within 14 hours. If it stops between 9 p.m. and 6:59 a.m., it must be cleared by 11 a.m.

Danger of falling objects shown as construction worker dies

People who work construction in New York are a common part of the city landscape. They serve an important function in building and maintaining structures and, for the most part, do their jobs safely while adhering to the law. However, it is a reality that the jobs these people do can be dangerous to them and to people in the vicinity. When people are involved in construction and suffer head injuries, back injuries, or other damages and are hurt or lose their lives, it is imperative for the family to understand the steps to take to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

The danger of falling objects was shown when a construction worker died after a piece of equipment fell off the roof of the site and hit him on the head. The man was on the corner of the site when an anchoring bracket that supported a scaffolding broke off and fell. After the man was hit, he was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. According to the Department of Buildings, the accident could have been prevented. At that specific address, there were six violations from October of last year to December of 2017. Three are still active. The plan is for the building to be used as office space.

Woman in parked automobile injured in hit-and-run crash

When a Staten Islander is in a car accident, it is expected that the other driver will stop and render aid if it is necessary. At minimum, all drivers involved should remain at the scene to exchange information and wait for police to arrive to file an accident report. Unfortunately, some people in wrecks decide not to stay at the scene and flee. Hit-and-run accidents are made worse when there are injuries or fatalities. Accident investigations will immediately be undertaken by law enforcement after a hit-and-run. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an automobile accident of this kind must remember their rights and have legal assistance to keep on top of the case.

A woman who works as a school crossing guard was injured as she sat in her vehicle, when it was hit by another driver. The accident happened shortly after 1:20 p.m. as a Nissan Sedan hit the woman's car. The driver of the Nissan then fled the scene. According to witnesses, the driver never stopped to see the condition of the person in the other car. He then returned to the scene about an hour after the crash and was placed under arrest for fleeing the scene of a crash. After being struck, the woman was trapped in the car. When she was freed, she was taken to the hospital for neck pain.

Study shows distracted drivers often stem from work pressures

Staten Islanders and people throughout New York City understand that distracted drivers are a growing danger on the landscape. It is becoming more and more prevalent that car accidents are being caused by texting and driving and other distracting behaviors. For those who have been in car accidents and believe or know it was because of distracted driving, this information can be important to a legal filing.

A survey conducted by Travelers Insurance shows that an estimated four out of 10 drivers say that they use their phone when behind the wheel and it is often due to work pressures and the need for availability. Younger people are the group with the highest rate of using their phones while driving. In the study, 43 percent of the participants were using their phone for work matters. Of that number, 38 percent were talking on the phone, 17 percent were texting, and 10 percent were using email. As for the ages, more than half - 54 percent - were between the ages of 18 and 44. More than 25 percent of drivers said that when their employer contacted them, they knew that the recipient of the call was driving.

Crash prevention technology misses the mark for motorcycles

Whether you love motorcycles for their connotations of freedom or you enjoy the ability to quickly travel without loading up a whole car, it's obvious just how important these vehicles are to you. Many people in New York also enjoy the sensation that is distinctly different than that of a passenger vehicle.

However, there is also a significant size difference between motorcycles and other vehicles on the road. Motorcyclists tend to be at a distinct disadvantage when they are involved in accidents, and usually suffer much more serious injuries than those behind the wheel of passenger vehicles.

Rising New York chef dies in hit and run pedestrian crash

Since New York City is so busy and loaded with vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, it is inevitable that there will be accidents. However, when these accidents occur, those involved are supposed to remain at the scene, provide help and call for emergency assistance. Unfortunately, many choose not to do that. Hit and run accidents are especially dangerous when they involve pedestrians. When there is a pedestrian accident and it leads to injuries or, worse, a fatality, it is vital that the victim and their family discuss the case with an experienced legal professional.

A chef who worked at a trendy Manhattan restaurant was killed when he was crossing the street in Union Square; an SUV turned the corner and hit him as he was in the crosswalk. The accident occurred around 1 a.m. and the chef, a 34-year-old man, was killed.

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