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January 2014 Archives

'Peephole drivers' threaten cars, pedestrians on the road

"Peephole driving" may not be a familiar term to many Staten Island residents, but there's no doubt you know exactly what the act entails. Peephole drivers are people who choose to clear a small section of their snow-covered windshield so that they can see in front of them. The rest of their windshield remains blocked, but a small block of it is clear enough for them to see straight ahead.

Kaiser blamed for man's death due to dismissive approach

The following is an unfortunate story about how the medical industry can fail patients, sometimes in the most frustrating and tragic of ways. In Dec. 2011, a 53-year-old man complained of chest and shortness of breath. He was insured by Kaiser. He went to an unapproved hospital for Kaiser, but that hospital suggested performing a CT angiogram. It was never performed. He was quickly moved to a Kaiser-approved facility.

Bevy of NYC motor vehicle accidents claim 4 lives

Motor vehicle accidents are very common in New York City, regardless of whether you're in Staten Island or Manhattan. It's a crowded area where people and vehicles move blindingly fast, and everyone has to pay attention to make sure that an accident doesn't happen. But of course, accidents are going to happen. Unfortunately, a recent rash of motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of four people all across New York City.

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