Bevy of NYC motor vehicle accidents claim 4 lives

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are very common in New York City, regardless of whether you’re in Staten Island or Manhattan. It’s a crowded area where people and vehicles move blindingly fast, and everyone has to pay attention to make sure that an accident doesn’t happen. But of course, accidents are going to happen. Unfortunately, a recent rash of motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of four people all across New York City.

One accident involved a motorcyclist and a pedestrian. The 31-year-old motorcyclist crashed into the 78-year-old pedestrian, killing the elderly woman. His vehicle than sputtered out of control and into a tree. The motorcyclist also died in the crash. The police discovered video that shows the motorcycle had a green light, so it seems that the pedestrian wrongfully stepped out into traffic.

Just prior to that crash, an accident in Queens claimed the life of another motorcyclist — this time one that struck another vehicle. No foul play is suspected, as the driver of the car remained on the scene and talked with police.

The third accident involved another pedestrian, one who was struck by a vehicle that, in a cowardly act, sped off after the collision. The police are looking for the driver.

There are a few takeaways from these accidents, but none is more important than the fact that pedestrians and motorcyclists are inherently at risk for more serious injuries in traffic accidents. They are vulnerable and exposed, making them susceptible to catastrophic injuries that can forever change their life, or claim it.

Yes, accidents are going to happen anywhere, and especially here. But that doesn’t mean they are acceptable, and if negligence can be proven on the part of one of the parties involved in an accident, the victims or their loved ones could pursue civil action against the reckless party.

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