‘Peephole drivers’ threaten cars, pedestrians on the road

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents

“Peephole driving” may not be a familiar term to many Staten Island residents, but there’s no doubt you know exactly what the act entails. Peephole drivers are people who choose to clear a small section of their snow-covered windshield so that they can see in front of them. The rest of their windshield remains blocked, but a small block of it is clear enough for them to see straight ahead.

It’s a staggering decision that may not be on par with drunk driving or texting while driving, but it’s still very reckless and stupid. The driver is choosing to see a reduced field in front of him or her, putting innocent people at risk.

This is especially true for bicyclists and pedestrians, who are routinely in the corners of the driver’s vision. In other words, they are right where the blocked portions of the windshield are. They may wait at an intersection and see a peephole driver come to a stop — but the driver doesn’t see them. The pedestrian steps out into the road, expecting the driver to remain where he or she is; and then, suddenly, they are being run over by this negligent driver.

Look, we know the feeling of being out in the cold and not wanting to clear off your windshield. You just want to get in your warm car and then hit the road. But taking that extra minute or two to ensure a clean windshield is not only good for your safety — it also protects you from being held liable should you cause an accident due to your “peephole driving” ways.

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