Staten Island pileup involves 11 cars, blamed on weather

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2014 | Car Accidents

While the following car accident happened a couple of weeks ago, it is still relevant to readers in the New York area — especially those on Staten Island.

A pileup car accident on the Staten Island express in early January eventually involved 11 cars. Only one person was hurt in the accident (a minor miracle in itself), though the extent of his or her injuries were not known. Police were on the scene investigating the wreck, and it is believed that poor weather and slick roads played a major factor in the pileup. The expressway had to be closed for a few hours as crews looked over the scene and tended to the people involved in the crash.

With more bad weather plowing into the Northeast this week, this story serves as an important reminder to drivers during these wintry times. Be careful out on the road: take turns carefully and be very aware of your rate of speed. Drivers are expected to exhibit extreme caution during snowy or icy conditions, and if they fail in this regard, they could be held liable for the wreck.

Speaking of liability, it is important for everyone to know that in pileup crashes like this, usually shared liability is used to determine who is at fault. This type of liability assigns blame to everyone involved (even if you were the victim of the wreck). Using these liability percentages, a civil lawsuit could yield car accident victims much needed compensation to help them pay for medical bills or vehicle damage.

Source: NBC New York, “11-Car Accident Closes Section of Staten Island Expressway,” Jan. 6, 2014