Nurse claims Long Island hospital was negligent

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Like other workplaces, hospitals see friction between employees and less-than-ideal support from management. Unlike many workplaces, however, hospitals and other medical facilities carry a singular responsibility to provide life-saving services. If improper supervision and clashing co-workers contribute to medical injuries, then patients’ lives may be on the line.

A Long Island man, who took his first nursing job at an East Meadow hospital, claims that lack of proper supervision compromised his ability to care for patients. He says that his first position was in the intensive care unit, and management did not provide proper oversight or mentoring. Additionally, he claims that his colleagues discriminated against him and did not relieve him even after 18-hour shifts.

While the nurse’s lawsuit against the 530-bed hospital is ongoing, the affected patients and their families are entitled to their rights, as well. When a hospital does not provide its caregivers the resources they need to perform their duties safely and effectively, patients are vulnerable to receiving poor care.

Whether care is compromised by budgetary restrictions, employee discrimination or other staffing issues, every patient is entitled to safe and timely medical treatment. Individuals who have experienced medical malpractice, or families seeking compensation after a wrongful death, may wish to consult with an attorney to discuss their rights and explore their options.

It’s important to note that New York has a statute of limitations for bringing claims of medical negligence. To learn more about gathering evidence and filing a claim in a timely manner, New Yorkers are encouraged to speak with their attorneys.

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