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March 2014 Archives

Boy killed in pedestrian accident in New York

Unfortunately, on the busy streets of New York, accidents involving pedestrians are relatively common. According to the NYPD, just fewer than 180 pedestrians were killed in city traffic in 2013. More than 20 pedestrians already have been killed in traffic accidents this year.

SXSW accident leaves three dead

Drunk driving continues to be a major cause of fatal car accidents across the nation, including here in New York. However, one of the most recent drunk driving tragedies receiving national attention occurred at the South by Southwest festival earlier this month. While this particular festival takes place in Texas every year, it draws attention to the dangers of drunk driving and the safety of entertainment festivals in New York and other states as well.

Former New York orthopedist faces medical malpractice suit

Medical professionals in New York have a standard of care to adhere to when it comes to treating and advising patients. When they do not adhere to the standard, they may be found liable for medical malpractice. One former New York orthopedic surgeon is facing multiple medical malpractice lawsuits after his alleged medical negligence. The first of these lawsuits, filed by one of his patient's wives, is headed to court this month.

Woman recovers New York record $22 million after accident

In 2008, a Brooklyn woman suffered injuries in an accident that changed her life forever. Fortunately, the courts recently acknowledged her suffering and awarded her with millions of dollars in damages. The $22 million injury settlement is the largest amount awarded in a single plaintiff personal injury lawsuit in New York state history.

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