Former New York orthopedist faces medical malpractice suit

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals in New York have a standard of care to adhere to when it comes to treating and advising patients. When they do not adhere to the standard, they may be found liable for medical malpractice. One former New York orthopedic surgeon is facing multiple medical malpractice lawsuits after his alleged medical negligence. The first of these lawsuits, filed by one of his patient’s wives, is headed to court this month.

The former surgeon was sentenced earlier this month to 4.5 years in federal prison and two years of supervised release after that. The surgeon has also admitted to defrauding various health insurance providers. The medical malpractice suits were put on hold until after his sentencing.

This lawsuit was filed in 2009 on the basis of negligent medical care towards one woman’s husband. The lawsuit alleges that the doctor injected steroids in to the man’s right knee, which resulted in an infection. The doctor failed to notice and treat the infection, which ended up killing the man a few weeks later. The orthopedist was working with Mid Hudson Medical Group in Fishkill, New York at the time of the incident.

Once the court proceeding concludes, jury selection will be scheduled to continue. Opening arguments are expected to begin shortly after the jury has been selected. With hundreds of lawsuits waiting in the wings, the attorney for Mid Hudson Medical Group has asked attorneys involved in more than 250 of these suits to refrain from making comments to the media regarding the case. These comments can sometimes get in the way of a fair trial and impact the jury’s decision. The trial has already been moved to Westchester County because of all the publicity and perceived bias.

Medical malpractice suits help bring closure to those who have suffered due to the negligence of medical professionals all over the country. Experienced personal injury professionals are available to assist New York residents who have suffered injuries do to the negligence of a medical professional. They will examine the unique details of one’s case and ensure the victim’s rights are protected.

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