Woman recovers New York record $22 million after accident

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents

In 2008, a Brooklyn woman suffered injuries in an accident that changed her life forever. Fortunately, the courts recently acknowledged her suffering and awarded her with millions of dollars in damages. The $22 million injury settlement is the largest amount awarded in a single plaintiff personal injury lawsuit in New York state history.

The tragic accident occurred when the 37-year-old veterinarian was crossing a street in Midtown on her birthday and was hit by a truck belonging to Duane Reade, a large pharmaceutical company. The woman suffered severe brain damage and is now blind and hardly able to speak.

The woman’s lawyer said that Duane Reade claimed that the woman had slipped on ice and fallen under the rear wheel of the truck after it made a turn. However, the woman’s legal team was able to prove that she was hit in the crosswalk and that Duane Reade’s story was not possible.

The second trial relating to the accident began in November of last year. When the plaintiff’s made their case, Duane Reade finally agreed to settle. While the woman was originally asking for more money, her lawyer says that the $22 million is a fair result. She will now be able to afford the medical care that she needs.

A large number of personal injury cases resulting from accidents are settled outside of the courtroom. By agreeing to a settlement, the plaintiff is typically not allowed to pursue further legal action against the defendant. There are many things to consider before agreeing to a settlement offer, such as the likelihood of success if the case were to go to trial. Discussing the details of the case with an attorney may be helpful when determining whether to settle.

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