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More than half of heart patients suffer from medication error

When individuals in New York suffer from an ailment, it is common for them to seek medical assistance. Medical professionals will work to determine the cause of their symptoms and might address them with medical interventions such as medication. When a doctor fails to prescribe the appropriate medicine or fails to provide proper instructions, medication errors could occur. This could cause worsened medical conditions or new medical problems, resulting in serious injuries to the patient.

Hit-and-run accident in New York kills 12-year-old

Anyone who's been to New York during the summer knows about the large number of people walking from place to place, enjoying the beautiful weather. With this large amount of foot-traffic, there are tragically a number of pedestrian accidents that occur this time of year. One recent example involved one New York family, who is now mourning the loss of a 12-year-old girl.

New York motorcyclist injured by allegedly drunk driver

Like anyone else on New York roadways, motorcyclists are endangered by drunk drivers. However, because they are so much more exposed to the elements, and because motorcycles are inherently unstable, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable. Any collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle is much more likely to lead to serious injury or death than a crash between two cars.

Pedestrian accident kills three men stopped along the highway

A fiery accident along Interstate 287 in late June resulted in the deaths of three men who were stopped on the shoulder of the highway. Two of the men were a New York father and son who worked for Concrete on Demand. They had driven to the scene to help their co-worker repair his cement truck which was broken down on the shoulder. The three men were standing beside the truck when they were hit by a tractor-trailer and were pronounced dead the scene.

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