Pedestrian accident kills three men stopped along the highway

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents

A fiery accident along Interstate 287 in late June resulted in the deaths of three men who were stopped on the shoulder of the highway. Two of the men were a New York father and son who worked for Concrete on Demand. They had driven to the scene to help their co-worker repair his cement truck which was broken down on the shoulder. The three men were standing beside the truck when they were hit by a tractor-trailer and were pronounced dead the scene.

Police believe that the accident occurred when another driver on the road slowed down and shifted to the left side of the right-hand lane to make room for the men working on the side of the road. The tractor-trailer then crashed into the back of the car, the left side of the cement truck and the three men.

The tractor-trailer and the car were both engulfed in flames after coming to a stop on the shoulder. Fortunately, the tractor-trailer driver and the couple in the car managed to escape just before the fire started.

The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed at this time. A pedestrian accident like this can have devastating results. Many of these accidents are caused by a negligent driver who fails to exercise reasonable care when operating his or her vehicle. Drivers who disregard weather or traffic conditions, fail to observe posted speed limits or disobey traffic signs can all be considered negligent. Victims or family members of victims may be eligible for compensation if an investigation reveals a negligent driver is responsible to serious injuries or fatalities.

Source: CBS New York, “3 Men Killed In I-287 Crash Identified As Father, Son And Co-Worker,” June 25, 2014