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Vision Zero program reduces pedestrian deaths

Those who travel by foot in New York face more risks than pedestrians in other states. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign Policy Coordinator recently reported that New York continues to lead the nation in pedestrian fatalities. In New York City, Long Island and five counties north of New York City, over 730 pedestrians were hit and killed by a vehicle from 2011 to 2013. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign report finds that a majority of those pedestrian accident deaths occurred on city streets.

Man suffers from disease; complex owner may be held liable

Property owners and apartment complexes in New York have a standard of care to adhere to when it comes to providing housing for their residents. One housing provider may have unfortunately failed in their duty to provide safe property conditions. In November and December of last year, the city Health Department found eight residents at one apartment complex with Legionnaires' disease.

Daylight saving time may lead to more car accidents

Earlier this month, many Americans lost an hour of sleep as they set their clocks one-hour forward for Daylight Saving Time. This seemingly small time change has a significant effect on motorists all over the country. According to the Fatal Accident Reporting System, there is a 17 percent increase in motor vehicle fatalities the Monday after the time change. Congress first adopted daylight saving time in 1966, and in 2007, daylight saving was set to go from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday in November.

Elements of a medical malpractice case

When you receive medical treatment from a health care professional in New York, you should expect to receive care in accordance with the standards in place within the medical profession. When appropriate care is not received, patients may face serious injuries, illnesses or even death.

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