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Who can be sued for medical malpractice in New York?

At some point in their lives most New York residents will need to seek professional medical attention. When a person goes to a doctor for diagnosis or treatment, that person is counting on the doctor's education, training, and experience to ensure they will be well-cared for.However, when it comes to medical care, there is always a chance that something won't go according to plan. Sometimes this is the fault of the doctor. Medical negligence can include a failure to diagnose or errors in diagnosis, illness management or treatment. If this negligence caused harm to the patient, the patient may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against those responsible for their care.Generally, a medical malpractice case can arise against a doctor if he or she failed to meet the accepted standard of care generally accepted by the medical community, resulting in injury to the patient or a worsened medical condition. In some circumstances the patient may also bring a case against the hospital for improper care or inadequate training. Many types of medical professionals can be guilty of medical malpractice. If a hospital employee is negligent, the hospital may be held liable as a result of the "respondent superior" doctrine, which holds employers responsible for employee negligence while on the job. In cases where a health care professional is considered an independent contractor, the hospital might not be liable under a respondeat superior theory, but can still be held liable for their own independent negligence, including negligent training or supervision.Source: FindLaw, "Medical Malpractice In-Depth," accessed on April 21, 2015

UPS driver severely injured in New York pedestrian accident

Every day, numerous New Yorkers are the victims of accidents on the road. While many of these accidents occur while behind the wheel, there are a number of accidents that occur to people while on foot. Accidents can occur walking to the store, or in this case, unloading packages from a vehicle. A UPS driver was recently involved in a pedestrian accident in Staten Island.

Liability varies in slip-and-fall accidents

Each day, a number of people are injured in accidents all over New York. While some of these incidences happen on the roadways, many occur doing mundane activities like grocery shopping or walking on a public sidewalk. Slip-and-fall accidents are fairly common and can result in serious injuries. Whether one can recover damages after suffering such an injury will depend on who is responsible for the accident. Property owners are responsible for keeping their properties relatively safe for those who come on to them.

Motorcyclists face serious injuries in accidents

Whenever a road accident occurs, the first thought that comes to mind is whether all of the drivers and passengers involved are okay. Unfortunately, in many serious car crashes, injuries and deaths are all too common. With these injuries and deaths come expensive medical bills, outrageous repair costs and a great deal of emotional and physical pain. Recovery can take weeks, months or even years. In some cases, victims and their families may never fully recover.

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