UPS driver severely injured in New York pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents

Every day, numerous New Yorkers are the victims of accidents on the road. While many of these accidents occur while behind the wheel, there are a number of accidents that occur to people while on foot. Accidents can occur walking to the store, or in this case, unloading packages from a vehicle. A UPS driver was recently involved in a pedestrian accident in Staten Island.

The accident occurred when the 40-year-old driver was unloading packages from the back of his truck. A Toyota Camry hit the man, pinning him against his truck. Witnesses say that one of the driver’s legs was severed in the accident and the other was injured. The driver was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to another hospital. A UPS representative said that the driver will likely survive.

The man in the Camry reported that he swerved to avoid a pedestrian when he lost control of the vehicle and hit the UPS driver. At the time of the report, no charges had been filed.

As a result of this tragedy, the UPS driver will likely have costly medical bills, hospital costs, lost wages and other expenses. He may be able to file a lawsuit against the driver of the Camry. In order to be successful in his suit, he may have to show that the driver was negligent. Negligent behaviors could include disobeying traffic signs, failing to signal, disregarding traffic conditions and speeding. He will also need to show that the negligent behavior was a proximate cause of the accident and that the accident caused his injuries. Pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and it is important to know that there are often ways to recover damages.

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