Man on Staten Island park bench killed in car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs, the people in the vehicles are the ones most likely to get injured or killed. However, in some instances, an innocent bystander may end up suffering the most. A man sitting on a park bench in the Tompkinsville area of Staten Island was recently killed as a result of a car accident involving two vehicles.

A SUV collided with another vehicle turning left in a nearby intersection. When the collision occurred, the SUV was pushed onto the sidewalk and into the man on the bench. When witnesses helped pull the driver out of the vehicle, they noticed the man trapped under the SUV. The man was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The 25-year-old driver of the SUV has been charged with driving while ability impaired.

When drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, these drunk drivers and distracted drivers may be considered negligent behind the wheel. Drivers must “exercise reasonable care under the circumstances” while behind the wheel. If a driver is driving under the influence and causes an accident, they may have to face the music in both criminal and civil court.

If a civil lawsuit is filed, the driver may be held liable for damages that occurred as a result of their negligence. These damages may include medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages and other expenses. If a person is killed in the accident, their family may file a wrongful death suit against the driver. This will help cover damages for the family who has to continue living without their loved one. In any case, drivers who are negligent behind the wheel may be held liable for the harm they cause via damaging auto accidents.

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