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Pedestrian killed in New York bus accident

A 67-year-old woman was recently killed by an X1 express bus on its way to a bus depot in Staten Island. The bus was not in service at the time of the pedestrian accident.The woman was allegedly crossing mid-block outside of a crosswalk when the bus hit her and knocked her unconscious. Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and found the victim with "severe body trauma." The woman was then transported to a nearby hospital. She was pronounced dead soon after her arrival.The MTA has said that the bus driver, who is not in passenger service at the moment, claimed trauma after the accident. It has not been reported whether the driver was arrested or ticketed in the accident, but an investigation is underway.

How can I prove fault in a slip-and-fall accident?

When a New Yorker is seriously injured on another person's property, the first question they often ask is "Who is responsible for this?" If the injured party decides to file suit against negligent property owners, the success of the injured party's case will hinge on whether they can prove that the owner is responsible.

Lawsuit filed after woman killed in pedestrian accident

When a car accident occurs in New York, victims may be physically and emotionally wounded. In the worst case scenarios, an accident can leave one or multiple people dead. The families who have lost loved ones in road accidents may have a difficult time picking up the pieces and moving forward with their lives. Filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the death may help bring a family closure.

Nursing home abuse has become a serious problem in society

Finding someone qualified and compassionate to take care of your aging loved one can be a stressful process. Fortunately, many elderly people in New York are well taken care of in one of the many nursing homes and facilities available in the state. However, some of these nursing homes behave negligently and irresponsibly when looking after those who cannot care for themselves.

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