Two pedestrians killed on Hylan Boulevard

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents

It appears that Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island is becoming a dangerous area for pedestrians in the state of New York. Two pedestrians were killed in separate accidents on the same day earlier this month. Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. Without the protection that a car provides, and without the protective gear that motorcyclists and bicyclists wear, pedestrians face great danger when crossing the street.

A fatal accident involving a loved one can be devastating to surviving family members. The families of these two accident victims will now unfortunately know what that feels like.

The first accident occurred when a 61-year-old man was hit while crossing the street less than a block away from his house. Police say that he was outside the crosswalk when the vehicle approached the intersection and hit him. The man was tragically killed in the accident.

The second accident involved a mother of two, who had a third child on the way. The pregnant 31-year-old had finished her shift as a waitress and was crossing Hylan Boulevard to get to a bus stop when she was hit. The woman did not survive the accident.

With tragedies like these, you may wonder what you can do if you or a loved one is hit by a car. Filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the accident may be beneficial to you in many ways. If your suit is successful, the damages you recover can help pay for funeral costs, medical expenses and lost wages. This will give you less to worry about financially and more time to focus on healing.

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