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Pedestrian accidents on highways

While a number of pedestrian accidents occur in residential areas, many occur on the highways. Statistics show that over 10 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur on a highway. Pedestrian accidents on the highway can bring up more complicated issues and can result in more serious injuries. While pedestrians on the highway do have a responsibility to protect themselves from the high speed traffic, they may still be entitled to financial recovery. However, depending on their role in the accident, the pedestrian's recovery may be reduced.

The need for drivers to watch out for motorcycles

After striking a motorcyclist, drivers often provide the excuse to investigating officers that they did not see the motorcycle rider. Yet the failure to look out for motorcycles too often results in severe injuries or even death to the rider.

How to prove fault in a medical malpractice case

Staten Island doctors are expected to adhere to a certain standard while treating patients. If they fail to meet this standard of care and cause injury to a patient, the patient may allege negligence and seek damages under medical malpractice law.

Children the most frequent victims of dog attacks

With close to 4.5 million dog bite incidents every year in the United States, approximately 900,000 individuals will require medical attention dealing with injuries due to the attacks. Dog bite injuries are often severe and permanent. Besides resulting in lacerations and scarring, there is a great potential for infection when the dog bite penetrates the skin.

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