The need for drivers to watch out for motorcycles

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

After striking a motorcyclist, drivers often provide the excuse to investigating officers that they did not see the motorcycle rider. Yet the failure to look out for motorcycles too often results in severe injuries or even death to the rider.

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles statistics, there were 4,750 motorcycle accidents in 2014, and a total of 4,357 of these crashes reported to the police. These accidents were responsible for 148 individuals losing their lives, and it’s also quite likely that a large number of these accidents resulted in injuries such as paralysis, brain trauma and broken bones to the riders.

The most common time of day for accidents to occur was between three o’clock and six o’clock p.m. A theory as to why so many motorcycle accidents occur during this time of day is because of the amount of rush hour traffic. As human error plays a large factor in these accidents, over half of the motorcycle accidents involved more than one vehicle. And a failure to yield the right of way was a common cause for these crashes.

At Michael J. Gaffney, Attorney at Law, located in Staten Island, we understand the obligations that drivers have to keep an out on the road for motorcycle riders. We also understand the common sense precautions that these drivers should take to prevent motorcycle accidents from occurring.

It only takes a moment to look over one’s shoulder when changing lanes or to look both ways before driving into an intersection. Such actions on the part of drivers prevent needless suffering for the motorcycle rider and for his or her family.