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December 2015 Archives

Nursing home workers sharing inappropriate pictures of residents

Each year, New Yorkers who are unable to care for their loved ones make the difficult decision to put them in a nursing home. With the lives of their relatives at stake, people want to believe that the care given in these facilities is up to par. However, this is sadly not always the case. Fortunately, there are ways to hold negligent parties responsible for their actions.

What causes slip-and-falls in Staten Island?

During the holidays, slip-and-fall accidents happen quite often on the icy sidewalks of Staten Island. Supermarkets may be too busy to keep aisles clean, causing customers to slip and fall. Generally, the owner of the building or property would be held liable for an accident if they failed to take necessary precautions or fix a problem that caused the accident.

Study finds drunk driving decrease among young people

Every year, thousands of people are negatively impacted by drunk drivers in New York. As a result, the media has been focused on the dangers of drinking and driving and the devastating car accidents caused by drunk drivers. It appears that young people have been taking this information to heart. A recent study revealed that fewer teens and young adults are driving while under the influence of alcohol than ever before.

Musician files medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

When New York residents are admitted to the hospital for surgery or treatment, medical professionals are required to provide them with adequate care. Unfortunately, many doctors make surgical errors while treating patients. According to a recent report, rock star Terry Corso believes that medical malpractice has ruined his chances of having a normal life and is filing a lawsuit against negligent parties.

New York ranks 28th on list of worst drivers in U.S.

When you think of which states have the most dangerous drivers, our readers would probably think that New York is near the top of the list. However, that isn't the case. A recent study released by CarInsuranceComparison.com ranked all the states from worst to best in terms of the driver safety. Drivers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut ranked amongst the safer states. New York in particular came in at number 28 out of 51 (the study includes Washington D.C.). The statistics show that the most dangerous drivers reside in Montana, while the safest drivers are in Minnesota.

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