What causes slip-and-falls in Staten Island?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Premises Liability

During the holidays, slip-and-fall accidents happen quite often on the icy sidewalks of Staten Island. Supermarkets may be too busy to keep aisles clean, causing customers to slip and fall. Generally, the owner of the building or property would be held liable for an accident if they failed to take necessary precautions or fix a problem that caused the accident.

One common cause of slip-and-fall accidents is the failure to provide adequate lighting in parking lots and other areas. Property owners are liable for these accidents if he knew or should have known that there wasn’t enough lighting and failed to fix the issue.

Another common cause is ice on the sidewalk or property in general. Under law, property owners are not usually required to remove the ice or snow on or around their property. But if there is an unnatural accumulation of snow, the owners can be held liable for slip and falls that occur as a result. Unnatural accumulation can occur when ice collects on the roofs and drips off and refreezes on the ground. If the owner chooses to remove the snow and ice, he must not be negligent in doing so. As for sidewalks, property owners are not often held responsible for slip and fall injuries on public sidewalks that are owned by the city. In some cases, businesses will be held liable if the sidewalk in question is used exclusively by their customers.

Slip and fall cases can cause serious injuries and leave victims feeling helpless. However, filing a lawsuit against whomever is responsible for your accident may allow you to recover compensation for your hefty medical bills and lost wages.

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