Lower blood alcohol limit may be in our future

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Car Accidents

Each year, many New York families are torn apart after losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident. The number of car accidents in the United States would likely decrease if fewer drunk drivers took to the roadways. The National Transportation Safety Board recently issued its 2016 “Most Wanted” list, which covers various topics relating to the prevention of fatal car accidents. Improved seating safety inside motor vehicles, improved rail and air safety and cutting down on distracted and impaired driving are all discussed.

As of now, drivers with blood alcohol levels above .08 percent are considered legally intoxicated. One of the NTSB’s recommendations is to lower the legal blood alcohol limit to .05 percent. However, some law enforcement officials in New York are opposed to this recommendation.

State Senator Patrick Gallivan believes that the focus should be on stopping repeat offenders. In his experience, those who have previously driven drunk continue to do so, risking their lives and the lives of others. Other officials will consider supporting the idea of a lowered limit when more data becomes available.

As New York works to cut down on drunk drivers, particularly those with multiple offenses, fatal accidents unfortunately continue to occur. Serious injuries leave victims and their families feeling hopeless and struggling financially. Filing a lawsuit against the drunk driver responsible for your injuries may be a way of helping you move forward with your life. People who drive drunk and cause an accident can face criminal charges and also be required to pay damages in civil court. These damages can cover anything from the victim’s lost wages to their medical bills.

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