Staten Island man on bicycle killed by vehicle

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents

Negligence behind the wheel often leads to serious injury or worse, a tragic loss of life. Driving negligently can mean driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or driving while distracted. When a driver’s negligent behaviors result in injury or death, they could be held liable for damages in civil court, whether or not they are charged criminally. These damages can cover medical bills, lost wages, future earning potential and other costs. A 59-year-old Staten Island man tragically met his death in an accident that may have involved a negligent driver.

The man was riding his bicycle to go pick up food when he was hit by a car in front of a strip mall by his apartment. The man suffered massive chest injuries, a broken pelvis and was transported to the hospital, where he later passed away.

According to police, the 52-year-old driver was attempting to make a left-turn out of the strip mall parking lot when she struck the bicycle and ran over the man and his bike. The driver of the vehicle was allegedly under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident. Police said that she exhibited multiple signs of being high, including eyelid and body tremors, impaired perception and poor coordination. The woman also told police that she smoked weed about three hours before the accident, and she takes Xanax and Buspirone for anxiety.

The woman has been charged with operating a motor vehicle, while ability impaired and felony vehicular manslaughter. She pled not guilty and is out on $10,000 bail. The case is still under investigation.

Source: Staten Island Live, “Driver who fatally struck bicycle rider charged with vehicular manslaughter,” Ryan Lavis, Feb. 17, 2016