Motorcyclists face dangers on Staten Island roadways

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents happen every day, often when Staten Islanders least expect them. A quick trip to the grocery store can change one’s life forever. Motorcycle accidents in Staten Island can be especially devastating.

Motorcycles are smaller and provide less protection than the average passenger vehicle or commercial truck. This lack of protection can lead to severe neck and spinal injuries or even traumatic brain injuries.

Such serious injuries can lead to months of surgeries and rehabilitation. Even after treatment, accident victims may never be the same again. Many accident victims suffer from paralysis and require around the clock care.

The financial stress, on top of everything else, can be overwhelming. After a motorcycle accident, many people are faced with expensive repair costs, not to mention the endless number of medical bills.

Fortunately, Attorney Michael Gaffney has helped accident victims all over the state recover damages. These damages are collected in personal injury lawsuits filed against those responsible for accidents. Attorney Gaffney and his staff will conduct a complete investigation and leave no stone unturned before heading to court. After piecing together the facts by talking to witnesses and collecting all available information, Attorney Gaffney evaluates each case and always explains his clients’ chances for success.

If a victim decides that it is in their best interest to accept an injury settlement, Attorney Gaffney can also advise whether that offer is fair. This is in addition to further negotiating to make sure victims get the best deal possible.

Furthermore, if his clients are not satisfied with their offers, Attorney Gaffney is prepared always prepared for court or arbitration. Regardless of the situation, having an advocate can make the process much easier.