Stay safe on your motorcycle this spring

On Behalf of | May 18, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Now that the weather is warmer, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time on your motorcycle.

Unfortunately, many drivers won’t be looking for you. And when drivers don’t see motorcycles, accidents happen.

Since May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, now is a great time to refresh your memory about ways to stay safe on your bike.

Stay visible

Make it easy for drivers to notice you. Keep your headlight on, and stay out of driver’s blind spots. Consider wearing brightly-colored or reflective clothing, and putting reflective decals on your motorcycle.

Be predictable

Signal your turns and avoid weaving through traffic. You’re more likely to avoid an accident if drivers can anticipate your next move.

Keep an eye on the road

Potholes, oil slicks, gravel and sand can all be major hazards on a motorcycle. You could lose control of your bike or skid out. Watch out for obstacles in the road. If you can’t avoid them, proceed slowly and carefully.

Wear the right gear

You can’t always avoid a crash, but you can limit the risk of injury if an accident happens. Wear a helmet every time you ride. It could literally mean the difference between living and dying. Consider protective clothing as well. Remember – in a crash, your gear is the only thing between you and the road.

Get some training

If you’re new to riding a motorcycle, or if it’s been a while, consider taking some training classes. Knowing the right way to react in a risky situation can make a huge difference.