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June 2016 Archives

New York state officials focus on reducing pedestrian deaths

In New York, pedestrian accidents have become a major issue. Innocent people get killed or suffer serious injuries while walking to their local grocery store or taking their dogs for a walk. New York Department of Transportation Commissioner Matthew Driscoll stated that more than 300 pedestrians are killed yearly and about 15,000 are injured in the state of New York. State officials are so concerned about this problem that they have vowed to spend $110 million over the next five years to improve upon pedestrian safety.

Staten Island accident leaves one dead and many injured

In New York, a number of car accidents are caused by drivers that behave negligently behind the wheel. This negligence can result in the injuries and deaths of motorists and pedestrians and leave families devastated. A recent chain-reaction crash in Staten Island has claimed the life of a 75-year-old man and injured many others.

New York hospital struggles with procedures after patient death

Once hospital negligence has occurred, everyone expects there to be changes made to prevent future patient injuries or deaths from occurring. One New York hospital has unfortunately failed to take appropriate steps to fix their issues.

Medical malpractice statute of limitations may be extended

When a physician in New York does not treat a patient with the proper level of care, the patient may suffer greatly. In such a case, the patient or his or her family may be able to file a medical malpractice suit against those responsible for the harm caused. When it comes to litigation, each state has a statute of limitations in place, which requires a patient to file suit within a certain amount of time. In New York, as of now, patients are required to file their lawsuits within 2 ½ years after the malpractice allegedly occurred. This malpractice could include a misdiagnosis, mistreatment of the patient, or any other act or omission that fails to live up to the acceptable standard of care.

Advocates support using the word "crash" instead of "accident"

When vehicles collide on the roadways, news sources and law enforcement officials often refer to the collision as an accident. However, it is important to note that many of these incidents are not true accidents. The nonprofit National Safety Council found an 8 percent increase in deadly crashes from 2014 to 2015, leaving 38,000 people dead. With so many tragedies occurring every year, it is important to do whatever it takes to making the roadways a safer place for travelers, even if that means changing semantics.

Should I resolve my accident claim through a settlement?

When most Americans think of the word lawsuit, the thought of a trial with a judge and jury immediately comes to mind. In reality, many claims that arise from New York car accidents or other injuries do not ever reach the civil court trial stage. Claims that don't make it to trial typically end up resolved through injury settlement.

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