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Nursing home aides charged after taking inappropriate photos

Nursing home employees are expected to treat their elderly residents with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, some employees abuse and neglect the people they are supposed to care for. Four former New York nursing home aides have been charged after taking inappropriate photos and videos of the residents in the home. The negligent parties face charges including felony first-degree endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person and willful violation of public health law.

Two of the aides were charged after they used an iPhone to take photos of the residents in undignified poses. Some of the pictures showed the aides lying in a bed and touching the resident in an abusive way.

The other two aides were charged after they took a video of themselves physically and verbally taunting a resident. The resident's attorney says that the woman suffered emotional trauma as a result of this, and violently lashed out against the residents to get them to stop, which may have caused her physical harm.

The defendants were arraigned before a judge and will reappear in court in October.

The nursing home facilities where these aides worked have strict no cell phone policies for staff members. There is also a policy in place prohibiting taking photos and videos of the residents. In fact, many nursing homes have similar policies. Despite these policies, some nursing home aides take advantage of their residents' vulnerability by humiliating them on social media and recording them without consent.

Families of nursing home residents trust that caregivers will protect their loved ones but, instead, some cause them more harm. Many of these workers face criminal charges, but if your loved one has suffered at the hands of incompetent nursing home workers, you may also bring a civil suit against them for damages. If you are successful, the workers may have to pay damages for medical expenses, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

Source: Syracuse.com, "4 Oswego nursing home aides accused of taunting residents, taking 'undignified' photos," Charley Hannagan, Sep. 15, 2016

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