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Families and residents can now sue nursing homes for neglect

When you and your family make the difficult decision to place an elderly relative in a nursing home, you may be worried about the care they will be receiving. You have every reason to be concerned. There have been many reports all across of America of people being abused and neglected by their caretakers. If you find yourself in that situation, there is now a way for you to fight back against those responsible for the mistreatment of your loved one.

Baby killed in New York elevator accident

Every year, a number of New Yorkers are injured or killed while on someone else's property. Many of these incidents are caused by negligent property owners who fail to reasonably maintain the condition of their property. In a particularly tragic occurrence, a six-week old baby was killed recently after her stroller fell down an empty elevator shaft in a Brooklyn building.

New York hospital faces malpractice suit after death of mother

According to a study by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, the maternal mortality rate in the United States has risen over the past few years. While maternal deaths caused by hemorrhaging have been declining, they do still happen. One woman recently gave birth and bled to death less than 12 hours later, potentially as a result of fatal medical errors.

Motorcyclists face countless damages after accident

It should come as no surprise to you that Staten Island motorcyclists face a number of dangers on the highway. Motorcycles are smaller and have less protective casing than passenger vehicles, making other drivers less likely to see them on the road. Gravel, uneven road surfaces and other debris may not affect larger vehicles, but they can play a major role in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents can result in more serious injuries than other accidents due to the riders' lack of protection.

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