New York man involved in drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents

As we celebrated the beginning of a new year, drunk driving accidents were occurring all across the country. Two teenagers are in critical condition after suffering severe injuries in a New York drunk driving accident. The pedestrian accident occurred shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day. A man was allegedly driving when he crashed into another car and a pole before hitting the two teens. The man is now facing vehicular assault, DWI and other charges and is currently in jail on bail.

Many drunk drivers end up facing criminal charges after an accident. Victims of drunk driving accidents are also able to file civil suits to claim damages for their injuries. Families who have lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident may be able to file a wrongful death suit to recover damages.

Filing a suit in civil court requires you to prove that the accident was caused by a drunk driver. You will have to show that the driver’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit and that he or she could not operate their vehicle safely. All motorists are required to exercise reasonable care when behind the wheel of a car. If an accident victim can prove that the driver was acting recklessly or negligently (e.g. by driving under the influence), the driver may be held liable for the injuries and damages that occurred in the accident. The victim will also need to show that the driver’s negligence caused their injuries. Victims will present police reports, expert testimony and other evidence to help prove their case.

Accident victims are entitled to damages from the drunk driver who caused them so much pain. Filing suit against them will give them the best chance at financial recovery.

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