Recovering from injuries caused by distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Car Accidents

Staten Island is obviously a popular tourist location. Whether you live here full time or merely visit on occasion, you’re probably familiar with the heavy traffic often present on the roads. While most drivers try their best to adhere to safety regulations and traffic laws, others appear more concerned with taking the perfect selfie or checking out billboards on the side of the road. Distracted drivers often cause serious motor vehicle collisions that result in severe injuries or, in worst cases, death.

You can do everything possible to remain alert and cautious behind the wheel, but you cannot change the way another person drives. You can, however, familiarize yourself with common warning signs that a distracted driver is nearby. Keeping these things in mind may help you stay safe.

Red flag alerts

It’s sometimes possible to avert disaster by making a safe lane change or move to avoid a distracted driver in the area. You’ve probably seen motorists doing one or more of the following:

  • Veering out of the proper lane or weaving across the center line of traffic or shoulder of the road
  • Suddenly slamming on brakes to avoid collision with the vehicle in front of him or her
  • Going through red lights or stop signs
  • Using a hand-held electronic device while driving
  • Driving at inconsistent speeds that do not align with traffic patterns

If you notice a driver near you doing any of these things, you and all others nearby are at risk. Motorists who fail to keep their eyes on the road or who engage in activities that are best left for non-driving times will unlikely be able to stop in time or react appropriately if needed.

Other distracted driving problems

Did you know there are approximately 8,000 crashes per day in New York and throughout the nation due to distracted driving issues? It’s bad enough so many accidents could have been prevented; it’s even worse that after the fact, many distracted drivers say they never even saw the vehicles they hit. From people eating and drinking while driving, to those straining to see situations unfolding alongside the road (such as other accident scenes) negligent drivers cause many innocent victims and their families great suffering.

If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by a distracted driver, or you have suffered the untimely death of a loved one in similar circumstances, you may seek justice by filing a legal claim against the party or parties deemed responsible. In situations where a death has occurred, there is obviously no way to replace your loss; however, others who have suffered similarly in the past have at least been able to alleviate financial debt incurred because of a particular situation by using compensation provided in successfully litigated claims.