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February 2017 Archives

AAA study finds millennials to be most dangerous drivers

A recent report by the AAA Foundation of Safety finds that drivers of all ages engage in risky behaviors. These risky behaviors include distracted driving, driving while impaired, drowsy driving and aggressive driving. Negligence behind the wheel causes a large number of car accidents around the country.

Civil trial process for pedestrian accident lawsuits

The last thing a New York City pedestrian expects is to be rundown by a speeding vehicle. However, it happens fairly often, forcing the injured pedestrian to file suit against the driver responsible for the accident. Once a pedestrian has decided to file a claim in court, it is important to be aware of the civil trial process, as it differs significantly from the criminal trial process. For instance, a civil trial resulting from a pedestrian accident requires the judge or jury to determine whether the defendant should be held responsible for the plaintiff's injuries based on a preponderance of the evidence. This standard is easier to meet than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard that must be met in criminal court.

Fight back after a dog attack

Approximately 4.5 million dog bites happen in the United States every year, and a significant portion of these become infected. An infection can lead to health problems, ultimately resulting in expensive and accumulating medical bills. If you or your child suffered the physical or emotional trauma that followed a dog attack in New York, you should know your legal options regarding financial compensation.

Checking your phone at a red light may soon be illegal

We all know that using your phone while driving is against the law. But what about when your car is stopped? As of now, the law says that drivers are not allowed to use their phones while the car is in motion. However, there is a debate over what is considered to be "in motion." Many people claim that your vehicle is not in motion when you are stopped at a stop sign or light and therefore, it is legal to check your phone at that time.

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