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Woman recovers $600,000 after injury at Coney Island Beach

Under New York law, owners have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe, so as to avoid visitors being injured in preventable accidents. This means property owners must periodically inspect the premises and repair hazardous conditions. If they breach this duty, and a visitor is injured as a result, the injured person can seek compensation for their damages through a lawsuit. The legal theory behind this is known as premises liability.

Intoxication leads to death of motorcycle passenger

Riding a motorcycle is an activity enjoyed by many Americans across the country. Every day, there are motorcycles crisscrossing roads and zooming through countryside and cityscape. Most of these trips go without incident. Unfortunately, as a recent incident demonstrated, there are motorcycle rides that end in tragedy.

Motorcycles will be back on the roads before we know it

Take a look outside recently anywhere in the northeast, including the Staten Island, New York, area and the last thing on your mind is spring. Or maybe the recent massive snow storm is encouraging everyone to long for the brighter, warmer and nicer days of spring on the horizon. While wintry weather, such as what hit recently, will dissuade even the most fanatic motorcyclist in the area, once the roads have cleared and once the temperatures rise we will inevitably see more motorcyclists on the road. And, with an increase in motorcyclists comes a whole new set of hazards to keep in mind when we hit the streets.

The dangers of a speeding driver

If you were to list some of the most common dangers present on America's roads and highways, you would likely include certain prevalent issues such as distracted driving or drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While these are serious issues that compromise the safety of every motorist, speeding remains one of most common safety threats.

Pedestrian hit by bus in New York City in serious condition

Whether you are a car driver, motorcycle rider, or even a pedestrian, stressing that one should always proceed with caution while on the roads cannot be understated. Yet despite any precautions you may take, accidents are often unpredictable, and an accident can happen to any person at any time.

New York nursing home negligence leads to death of resident

New York families often put the lives of their elderly loved ones in the hands of nursing home professionals. However, some of these so-called "professionals" are negligent on-the-job. This negligence can cause injuries and even deaths among nursing home residents.

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