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Motorcycle deaths rose in 2015

The popularity of motorcycle riding is tempered by very sobering news: there was an eight percent increase in fatalities related to motorcycle accidents in 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Motorcycles made up three percent of all registered vehicles in this country in 2015 and were responsible for only 0.6 percent of all vehicle miles traveled. However, the death rate for bikers was six times the rate for passenger car occupants.

Medical lawsuits: Success down and payouts up

There is good and bad news for plaintiffs in medical malpractice litigation. The rate of paid malpractice claims dropped almost 56 percent in this country between 1992 and 1994 according to research by the Harvard Medical School. However, the average payout for successful claims grew around 23 percent, exceeding $353,000 in 2009-2014. This was a sharp rise from the average payout of $287,000 during 1992-1996.

Been in a motorcycle accident? Don't get taken for a ride!

Though here on Staten Island, you may like to think you live in the "forgotten borough," there are times when the volume of traffic may make you feel quite the opposite. Between commuters passing through and residents moving between New Jersey and Manhattan, this can be quite a busy place.

Pedestrian deaths set record in 2016

Projections indicate that there was an 11 percent increase in fatalities attributed to pedestrian accidents in this country in 2016 from one year earlier. This was the greatest increase in the actual number of deaths, according to a report made by the Governors Highway Safety Association that was issued in late March.

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