Been in a motorcycle accident? Don’t get taken for a ride!

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Though here on Staten Island, you may like to think you live in the “forgotten borough,” there are times when the volume of traffic may make you feel quite the opposite. Between commuters passing through and residents moving between New Jersey and Manhattan, this can be quite a busy place.

For many motorists, two wheels are better than four. Motorcycles offer solutions to the issues of high fuel costs and a lack of adequate parking. For these and other reasons, a motorcycle is the vehicle of choice for many Staten Island residents when the weather is agreeable. The biggest drawback is the need to share the busy roads with other motorists, especially those who are not bike-aware.

The hard facts about motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur more frequently in New York than most people probably realize. Data from the DMV shows that in 2014, there were 4,750 incidents involving a motorcycle statewide. Of those crashes, 142 were fatal, and 4,055 resulted in one or more injuries. That means that in 85 percent of all motorcycle crashes, someone gets hurt, and 92 percent of the victims were on the bike. While some victims were able to escape with minor physical damage, close to half of all crashes resulted in moderate or severe injuries.

On the local scene, more than 25 percent of all motorcycle accidents in New York State were attended to by the NYPD. That’s almost as many as every other municipality combined. The streets of NYC are no safe haven for motorcyclists.

What’s behind all these crashes?

When a motorcyclist is in an accident, he or she has little in the way of protection from serious injury. Nearly 3,500 bikers died or suffered an injury in 2014 despite wearing helmets.

Common causes of multi-vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle are:

  • Inattentive drivers
  • Drivers following too closely
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Improper passing or lane usage

Defending your rights after you’ve been wronged on the road

Motorcyclists unfairly have somewhat of a bad reputation among non-riders. In a sense, they are the “forgotten motorists” when it comes to rights on the road. This can make it difficult for an injured rider or the family of a victim to find justice after a motorcycle crash.

A lawyer who actually understands the plight of motorcyclists and the devastation an accident can cause will be willing to fight to uphold your rights if you’ve been injured in a serious crash. Don’t let yourself get run over by insurance companies or another lawyer; let a personal injury lawyer face them down on your behalf.