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Who is responsible for sidewalk accidents?

Since 2003, the City of New York holds property owners responsible for injuries caused by unsafe sidewalk conditions, such as improperly maintained or icy sidewalks. This law is intended to protect the City from liability for injuries caused by a property owner's failure to keep the sidewalks in good condition.

City may be liable for Brooklyn Bridge cyclist-pedestrian crash

When a cyclist is involved in a crash in New York City, the cyclist may not be the only one legally responsible for any injuries that result. A local government may also be responsible by not taking adequate precautions to protect cyclists and pedestrians who share the same lane. A judge recently decided that the City may be held liable for these accidents on the Brooklyn Bridge because it knew or should have been aware of the dangers on the bridge that led to a July 2010 collision between a pedestrian and a cyclist.

How does a medical malpractice case work?

Patients may file a medical negligence or malpractice lawsuit in New York when they have suffered harm because a doctor or hospital did not treat that person in accordance with the accepted professional standards. To prove these cases, a plaintiff must offer specific, sometimes expert, evidence.

Drivers should focus more on the distracted driving dilemma

It's nearly impossible to drive through any part of Staten Island without seeing someone on a cellphone, putting on makeup or even watching a movie while driving. Distracted driving continues to rise and pose a real and catastrophic threat to everyone on the roadways. Even pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks aren't safe from drivers who are busier doing anything else other than driving.

Falling debris injured tourist in Tribeca

A tourist from the United Kingdom received an unwelcome and dangerous surprise when she suffered head injuries after an object fell out of the sky and crashed into her earlier this month in Tribeca. The debris fell off a residential building in an accident that the Department of Buildings said was preventable.

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