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Crash shows high risk of injury and death to motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are a frequent sight on Staten Island roadways and throughout New York. While most drivers of conventional vehicles will adhere to the law, keep a close eye on motorcycles and share the road, motorcycle accidents can still happen. Since motorcyclists do not have the same protections as other motorists, they can suffer severe injuries and death when there is an accident. This is true, even if they are wearing protective gear. When there is a motorcycle accident, it is essential that a full investigation be conducted to determine its cause and help with a potential legal filing.

Woman, two children critically injured in pedestrian accident

The roads in Staten Island can be exceedingly dangerous for pedestrians even when they are following all the safety rules when crossing the street. A pedestrian accident can cause a substantial amount of damage to those who have been hit. This is due to myriad factors including the lack of protection pedestrians have and the speed at which vehicles are often moving. Injuries and fatalities are not unusual in pedestrian accidents and these can cause financial, emotional and personal problems for an extended period. Those who have been affected by one of these accidents must understand how a legal filing can help them in its aftermath.

Danger of hit-and-run car accidents shown in Staten Island crash

When there are car collisions, it is expected that those involved will stay at the scene, exchange insurance information and check if others involved need medical assistance. Unfortunately, in a substantial number of car accidents, it will turn into a hit-and-run with a driver fleeing the scene. With hit-and-run accidents, it is vital that there be a full investigation to determine what happened. Those who are in any accident must be examined for serious injuries and understand their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Stats for NYC car accidents show positives and negatives

Car accidents and the serious injuries and fatalities that can result from them are an ongoing problem in a city as large and as busy as New York. The city authorities and law enforcement are constantly trying to find ways to make the streets safer. One tactic that appears to be showing promise is Vision Zero. The program was implemented in 2014. Since then, the number of deaths in auto accidents has reduced across the city except for Staten Island. However, 2017 has been a better year for the borough than it was in the previous two.

Will settling take the bite out of your dog attack claim?

Though you may love all different types of animals, you likely know that everyone should give those animals their deserved space and approach with caution. Even seemingly harmless pets can sometimes have adverse reactions to strangers or due to other circumstances, and a serious incident could occur. Of course, even if you do remember to proceed with caution, you may still end up as the victim of a dog bite if the animal's owner acted negligently.

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