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Staten Island pedestrian hit and run injures grandmother

Pedestrians should know the dangers they face from motorists. Drivers are frequently ignorant of pedestrians for a variety of reasons. What makes a pedestrian accident worse is when the driver flees the scene, making it a hit and run. As a result, these pedestrian should know how to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

Study: Speeding causes almost as many fatal car accidents as DUI

In a Staten Island car accident in which people suffer catastrophic injuries or fatalities, the cause of the crash is one of the most important factors as the case is investigated. People who are hurt or lose a loved one in a crash must be aware of the importance of the cause, if they are considering litigation to be compensated. While certain factors, such as drunk driving, are considered a common factor in these crashes, a recent study by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says that speeding is almost as prominent in causing fatal accidents.

Legal help is vital after Staten Island car accidents

Heading out on the Staten Island roads is something that people do every single day without thinking about the potential risks they face. While most drivers operate their vehicles safely, watch for other drivers and pedestrians, and are predictable and cautious, there will still be drivers who are reckless, operate under the influence, text and drive and commit any number of other infractions that lead to a crash.

Is drugged driving on the rise?

The last time you had surgery or a dental procedure, a doctor probably prescribed a pain reliever. You may have taken this medication for a week or so after the procedure, and during that time, you may have slept a lot. Perhaps you remember very little of the time you spent in the haze of narcotics.

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