SUV crash into laundromat shows risks of older drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents can happen anywhere in Staten Island and can happen without warning. However, there are certain accidents that are more shocking than others, and it is always possible to be in motor vehicle accidents, like crashing into a building. This can cause serious injuries and death, and it is compounded by the reality that those inside were not expecting it, nor were they able to brace themselves in any way. When there are auto accidents of this kind, it is imperative to remember how a legal filing can be beneficial.

For example, recently, a SUV backed into a laundromat, injuring six people. The accident occurred at around 8 a.m. as a 74-year-old male driver ran through the plate glass window of the facility. There were eight people inside at the time. Three suffered serious injuries, but they are not believed to be life threatening. Three others suffered minor injuries.

According to the investigation, the driver was trying to depart the parking lot and mistook the gas for the brake. Police believe it was an accident.

Even accidents in which there was an honest mistake can have severe injuries, long-term hospital stays, surgical procedures, rehabilitation and the need for long-term care. It does not necessarily have to be a person driving under the influence, operating the vehicle recklessly or committing some other act behind the wheel that sparked the crash.

Those who are injured or lost a loved one in auto accidents in which a vehicle ran onto the sidewalk or into a building have the same rights as those who were hurt in a crash between vehicles. To cover for medical expenses and other costs, it is wise to consider a lawsuit.

In this incident, an elderly driver is believed to have hit the gas, instead of the brake and subsequently crashed through the window of a laundromat. Older drivers are not the only ones who can make this kind of mistake. Since six people were hurt, it is essential that there be a comprehensive investigation of the incident from the perspective of the victims. A legal professional experienced in car accidents can help in pursuing a case and seeking compensation.

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