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Ensuring your safety as a motorcycle rider

Are you one of the Staten Island residents who finds pleasure in the freedom of riding your motorcycle on the open road? Then you will likely be aware of the risks and the threats that other motorists pose. Respect for your bike and ongoing improvement of your skills are critical aspects of accident prevention.

Study finds that some hospital food has MRSA and VRE

When Staten Island residents go to the hospital, they expect to receive the best care available and, if possible, their conditions rectified. At the very least, they do not expect to be made ill. Unfortunately, hospitals are known incubators for various illnesses, and people frequently become sicker while hospitalized. In some cases, they are infected with diseases that had nothing to do with their initial problem.

Fatal auto accidents are the highest in nearly a decade

New Yorkers should keep track of car accident statistics to have an idea of what to watch for when out on the road. Governments and independent agencies are constantly keeping statistics of these accidents to determine how and why they happen as well as to formulate ways to prevent them. Recent research indicates that the problem of fatal auto accidents is worsening. There are three reasons for this: drivers moving at excessive speeds, people failing to wear seat belts and an increase in motorcycle fatalities.

Study shows infotainment systems lead to distracted drivers

Technology is meant to make life easier and increase the safety of people as they go about their daily activities. In a city as bustling as New York with the number of vehicles on the road and people everywhere, this is a beneficial endeavor. When carmakers place "infotainment" systems into their newer vehicles, it is to try and prevent distracted drivers from using their smartphones and to improve navigation. However, a new study from AAA indicates that these systems are causing drivers to look down and away from the road just as smartphones are perceived to do.

Pedestrian accident injures 3 in Midtown Manhattan, New York

New York is a bustling pedestrian city. There are so many people driving and walking that accidents can occur in a multitude of ways. When there is a pedestrian accident, those who are hit can face substantial injuries and even death. Their vulnerability can cause long-lasting damage. For those who have been hurt in pedestrian accidents after hit by a car, having legal advice is imperative in the aftermath.

Seeking justice after a pedestrian accident, one step at a time

Whether you were born and raised in New York or have come to Staten Island to live as an adult, you're likely well aware of how busy and crowded roadways and sidewalks can be on any given day. You may be among those residents who try to choose walking as a preferred means of transportation as often as possible. After all, studies show walking at a brisk pace is an easy way to increase your heart rate and fit aerobic exercise into your daily routine.

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