Study finds that some hospital food has MRSA and VRE

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When Staten Island residents go to the hospital, they expect to receive the best care available and, if possible, their conditions rectified. At the very least, they do not expect to be made ill. Unfortunately, hospitals are known incubators for various illnesses, and people frequently become sicker while hospitalized. In some cases, they are infected with diseases that had nothing to do with their initial problem.

One particularly dangerous problem is MRSA. The term might be relatively familiar to laypersons, but it is often not realized how serious and prevalent it is in hospitals. A recent study determined that MRSA and VRE are commonly in hospital food.

Luckily, the study found that the presence alone rarely infects patients, but that it is in the hospital food is nonetheless worrisome. Researchers looked at 149 patients in Missouri hospitals and tested their food for MRSA and VRE.

Of the patients, 17 (11 percent) gave more than one sample that had MRSA. It was the same number for VRE. There was MRSA found in 29 (3.2 percent). VRE was found in 22 samples (2.4 percent).

Every food category had MRSA and VRE cultures, except for nuts. Five percent of the VRE emanated from egg or dairy. MRSA had 5 percent in bread or grain. The other food types came in at less than 5 percent for either MRSA or VRE. As for the patients, four showed a positive result for the culture of MRSA or VRE after a positive result in their food.

While the presence of these pathogens in the food requires more study, it is a problem that can cause major long-term damage, even death. People who believe that they have become ill with MRSA, VRE or any other infection while hospitalized should know that it could result in substantial problems. Hospital-acquired infections could have come due to hospital negligence or a mistake. A legal professional can help with filing a case due to MRSA, VRE or other infections from hospital mistakes.

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