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Woman killed in hit-and-run accident

New York City is known for its traffic and the great number of people who take to its streets every day. Rush hour is known as one of the riskiest times for vehicles and pedestrians to share the road as people in a hurry and thinking about other things are prone to being in a car-pedestrian accident. Pedestrian accidents are especially dangerous because of the logistics involved. A pedestrian does not have much of a chance against a vehicle. Being hit can cause significant damage and lead to injuries and death. People who have been injured and families that have been affected by a fatal accident involving a loved one must know their rights to consider a lawsuit for compensation.

Study shows collegians downplay danger of being drowsy drivers

There are numerous known dangers on the road in Staten Island and people must be cognizant of them to remain safe and avoid being in collisions. Since auto accidents can cause so many different problems and life changes, it is imperative to know what steps to take after they have happened. One important factor is gathering how and why the accident happened in the first place. If it was due to drowsy drivers, this can be a key issue in a possible legal filing.

Taxi and police car involved in crash

First responders in New York City put their lives on the line every day by placing themselves in dangerous situations for the benefit of others. This is part of their job. While they might understand that they are at risk due to the sheer nature of their duties, they might not realize that they can find themselves in danger even in what might initially appear to be a mundane and rudimentary situation. Even law enforcement officers are not immune to being in car accidents. When they are, accident investigations are just as important for them as they are for civilians as they too have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Injured in a crash with a cellphone distracted driver?

It does not matter how many distracted driving campaigns the state of New York runs, you always see drivers using their cellphones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving collisions are frequently reported and numerous people injured every year. If you have suffered injuries in a crash with a distracted driver, you may seek compensation for your losses through legal means.

Experienced legal help is essential after pedestrian accidents

New Yorkers will often shun driving and taking public transportation to walk. In some instances, they will exercise by jogging on the city streets. While these are beneficial methods of transportation and exercise, there is also a certain amount of danger in the city. Since there are so many vehicles on the road and many are in a rush, it is inevitable that pedestrian accidents will happen. Since pedestrians are so vulnerable, there can be major injuries and fatalities after these incidents. Having legal assistance is often the only strategy to recover sufficient compensation after a pedestrian accident.

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