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Possible failure to yield leads to fatal motorcycle crash

Staten Island has many motorcyclists on the road. While most drivers of conventional vehicles will pay strict attention to those on motorcycles and take the necessary steps to ensure that they are safe, accidents still happen. A motorcyclist is inherently at risk to severe injuries and death when there is a crash with a car. Therefore, motorcyclists who are injured in a crash or those who lose a loved one in motorcycle accident should be aware of the financial and personal costs that accompany them. They should also be aware that a lawsuit may help them in the aftermath.

2017 statistics show deaths from auto accidents remain stagnant

New Yorkers who are involved in car accidents and suffer injuries or lose a loved one must be cognizant of the causes of these crashes. In a similar vein, it is also important to understand the statistical realities of auto accidents. Research is constantly done to examine these collisions and to see if law enforcement, governmental agencies and car companies are effective in reducing the number of accidents and casualties. Unfortunately, the latest statistics indicate that in 2017, there were close to the same number of fatalities on the road as there were in 2016.

Study: More auto accidents might be due to drowsy drivers

With New York auto accidents, it is important to determine the cause. In many crashes, there is evidence as to how it happened. For example, phone records will indicate that a driver was texting or using the device at the time of the car accident. If a driver was under the influence, testing will show that to be the case. An underreported issue, however, is when an accident is due to drowsy driving. Research is examining the frequency of drowsy drivers and has found that there could be substantially more accidents due to drowsy driving than was previously thought.

Three pedestrians injured by USPS truck

New York City is exceedingly busy and a hub for business. With that comes many deliveries made throughout the five boroughs and across the state. Some of these deliveries are made by private companies. Others are made by government employees. It is a reasonable expectation that those who make these deliveries for a living will adhere to the law and make certain that they are operating their vehicles in a safe manner. Unfortunately, pedestrians are especially vulnerable to being hit by a car if drivers are not paying attention or make unsafe maneuvers. These pedestrians are at risk for injury and death after a crash. When there have been pedestrian knockdowns or other pedestrian accidents, a lawyer can help with seeking compensation.

New law extends time for cancer misdiagnosis claims in New York

Medical mistakes are a consistent problem in New York and across the nation. Many people are injured or lose their lives because of medical malpractice. While people have the right to file a lawsuit to seek compensation, an issue that some have faced in filing a claim after a mistake related to cancer is time limits to file. A new law that Governor Andrew Cuomo negotiated and plans to sign will give people a certain amount of time to file a case when they have had an error involving a cancer misdiagnosis or other mistake related to the disease.

Fight back if you have suffered whiplash in a car collision

You sing along to music during your morning commute to work. Then, all of a sudden, a crunching-steel sound replaces your favorite beat, and your head and neck area jerks back and forth. You have just been in an accident where the motorist behind you rear-ended your motor vehicle -- possibly due to careless driving.

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