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March 2018 Archives

New car crash statistics show conflicting results

For New Yorkers, the road can be a dangerous place. This is true whether one is as a driver, a motorcyclist, a bicyclist or a pedestrian. Research is constantly conducted to determine the statistics of auto accidents and to find ways to reduce their frequency. In some cases, there might be improvements in one area, but other areas might see a worsening number. The statistics for 2017 are being analyzed and are showing interesting results. Those who are in an accident should be cognizant of these numbers if they suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one in a wrongful death incident and would like to seek compensation.

Rear-end crash into trooper vehicle shows danger of drunk drivers

Rear-end collisions in Staten Island can cause significant injuries and death. Often, these car accidents occur because of distracted driving or drunk driving. These wrecks do not discriminate and can happen to anyone at any time. Even law enforcement and first responders are vulnerable to these motor vehicle accidents. They can be in greater danger than a regular citizen because they are often stopped on busy roadways as they perform their duties leading to increased risk. After a crash, they too have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Number of fatal pedestrian accidents maintains problematic rate

New Yorkers who are on the streets for any amount of time will be aware of the dangers to pedestrians. Because the city is so busy and people are often in a rush, there is a significant chance that there will be pedestrian accidents. This can happen because drivers are not paying attention, are reckless, are breaking the law and for many other reasons. Studies attempt to calculate the number of pedestrian accidents, determine their cause and take steps to stop them. People who have been hit by a car as a pedestrian should be cognizant of these studies.

Mother blames doctor errors for daughter's death and files suit

When a New Yorker is ill and seeks treatment from a medical professional, there is an inherent expectation that they will be given the top level of care. In such a situation, any mistake can lead to severe complications and death. Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, medical malpractice and other doctor errors happen all too frequently and can cause innumerable injuries and fatalities. This is particularly worrisome when children are involved.

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