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You could suffer debilitating complications from broken bones

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your car accident, you may feel lucky to be alive even though you suffered injuries. One of the injuries you could suffer and count yourself lucky for suffering is a broken bone. What you may not realize is that broken bones are sometimes much more than just simple injuries.

Pedestrian accident in Staten Island parking lot injures toddler

Pedestrian accidents are a common cause of injuries in Staten Island and throughout New York. Many of these accidents happen on the roadways, but some happen in parking lots. The worst kind of pedestrian knockdowns are those that injure children.

Study: despite crackdown, distracted drivers still prevalent

Most New York City drivers and drivers in general should know the dangers that distracted drivers create. Auto accidents are increasingly prevalent because of texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel. Studies are frequently done to examine the scope of the problem. New research from Zendrive shows that drivers are still engaging in distractions behind the wheel despite a legislative crackdown. People who are in crashes should be even more cognizant that it is possible that the crash came about due to a distracted driver.

Agency investigation examines car accidents due to Goodyear tires

New York drivers place an endless amount of trust in their vehicles. This trust goes beyond expecting their vehicles to get them from one place to another. It extends to its manufacture and its parts. A key part of any motor vehicle is the tires. If there is a problem with the tires, it can place those in the vehicle and others on the road in jeopardy of suffering serious injuries or a wrongful death in a car accident. An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) centers on Goodyear tires that could be responsible for 95 injuries or deaths as far back as 20 years ago.

AAA survey examines cellphone-automobile behaviors

In New York and across the nation, the reality of everyone having access to communication, information, shopping and anything else they want at the touch of a finger through their cellphones has become a growing problem when they are behind the wheel. While distracted drivers and texting and driving are known to be a danger, research is consistently seeking to determine how prevalent the behavior is, in an effort to devise ways to stop it.

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