AAA survey examines cellphone-automobile behaviors

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Car Accidents

In New York and across the nation, the reality of everyone having access to communication, information, shopping and anything else they want at the touch of a finger through their cellphones has become a growing problem when they are behind the wheel. While distracted drivers and texting and driving are known to be a danger, research is consistently seeking to determine how prevalent the behavior is, in an effort to devise ways to stop it.

In a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a survey was conducted with more than 2,600 drivers from 16-years-old and up. AAA found that the number of drivers who spoke on their cellphones rose by 46 percent over the past five years. Around 58 percent of respondents stated that it is a safety threat to talk on a cellphone when behind the wheel. According to 78 percent, texting and driving is a “significant” risk. While they stated they were aware of the danger, close to half said they had recently spoken on their cellphone while behind the wheel. More than one in three said they texted or emailed.

Because the numbers show the dangers of being on the road in general with more than 37,000 people dying in 2016, lowering the incidence of distracted driving is said to be a priority. Those who are speaking on their phones when driving multiply the chance of being in a crash by four. People texting and driving multiply the chance of an accident by as much as eight. Despite this, drivers still tend to believe they can multitask and do more than one thing at a time and do so safely while simultaneously lamenting others doing it as well.

Clearly, distracted driving is a dangerous behavior that can cause car accidents, catastrophic injuries and death. Those who are involved in auto accidents should be immediately aware that there is a chance that it was due to a distracted driver. With the medical costs, lost wages and other short-term and long-term problems that will arise after a car crash, car accident victims may want to seek compensation for all that was lost.

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