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Woman hospitalized after 3-vehicle crash in Staten Island

All car accidents in Staten Island are dangerous and have the potential to cause serious injuries and death. These crashes can happen for many reasons, and the accident investigations are vital to determine their cause and who was at fault. Some of the most dangerous types of crashes are when a vehicle overturns. This leaves the occupants vulnerable and susceptible to major injuries.

Six people suffer injuries after taxi crashes into New York deli

Because New York is so busy and there are a seemingly endless number of vehicles on the road, auto accidents will inevitably occur. Some of these accidents can go beyond happening in the street and send vehicles onto the sidewalk and even into establishments. This can be exceedingly dangerous as pedestrians who are walking and people who are inside a store or restaurant can be hit when they are least expecting it. After a crash of this kind, those who were injured must remember the importance of accident investigations from their perspective and consider seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Pedestrian accident statistics show increase in recent years

The danger for pedestrians in New York is inherent. The number of vehicles on the road and the frenzied nature of the city make it common that there will be crashes between vehicles and pedestrians. The statistics, however, indicate that the problem might be worse than initially thought.

Number of pedestrian accidents near New York schools problematic

Pedestrian accidents are a constant risk for people as they cross the busy New York City streets. This is a part of life in the city, and it often stems from drivers who are reckless, negligent, intoxicated or for many other reasons. People can suffer serious injuries when they are pedestrians and are hit by a motor vehicle. Some of the most vulnerable of these victims are children, and a new study shows that there are a troubling number of crashes outside New York City schools. When there are pedestrian accidents, the long-term problems should be considered when thinking about a possible legal filing.

Hit-and-run accidents increasing across the nation

In New York, when there is a car accident, the people who are involved are expected to stop. This is to call for assistance if it is necessary and to exchange insurance information with the others in the crash. It is against the law to flee the scene after a car crash. However, despite the legal ramifications, hit-and-run accidents still occur on a regular basis.

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