Six people suffer injuries after taxi crashes into New York deli

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Car Accidents

Because New York is so busy and there are a seemingly endless number of vehicles on the road, auto accidents will inevitably occur. Some of these accidents can go beyond happening in the street and send vehicles onto the sidewalk and even into establishments. This can be exceedingly dangerous as pedestrians who are walking and people who are inside a store or restaurant can be hit when they are least expecting it. After a crash of this kind, those who were injured must remember the importance of accident investigations from their perspective and consider seeking compensation in a legal filing.

An accident between a taxi and a for-hire cab happened in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. After the collision, the taxi was run onto the sidewalk and then hit a delicatessen. The accident occurred at shortly before 7:30 p.m. Six people were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. None of their injuries were said to be life-threatening. The injured included three pedestrians, two workers inside the deli and the cab driver. It is not yet known which vehicle was responsible for the crash. The investigation into the case is ongoing.

Pedestrians are perhaps the most vulnerable people when there is a car accident, and a vehicle is sent careening onto the sidewalk or into a store. Because they have no protection, pedestrians can suffer life-changing injuries and even death. Hospitalizations and treatment can cost money and lost time at work. When there is a fatality, the family will be confronted by the loss of a loved one in what was likely a completely senseless incident.

Those who were affected might make the mistake of accepting a settlement from an insurance company because they do not understand how much the accident will cost them. This can be problematic later when they realize the extent of their losses. So, it is important for victims of car accidents to examine all their legal options for compensation.